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olaf u fucker!fightclb116:54 07-07-2003

why u cleared me? a?
ur damn bitch MF 1.09 works wrong!
i got 7 discs becuz my conn sux!
there r washes!
why u does not test ur dman products- when i just seen it, i allready know about that i will get clear and BL...
i was not cheated!
Damn u idiot!
here my screens if u dont believe me!
i was in WL, but by this shit bug i get in BL:(:(:(
plz remove me from BL and get my points back;)

china Will Grow larger!

Re: olaf u fucker!fightclb116:56 07-07-2003
Re: olaf u fucker!meselfs03:29 08-07-20039
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    Re: olaf u fucker!fightclb119:40 08-07-2003
    Re: olaf u fucker!fightclb119:41 08-07-2003
        Re: olaf u f---er!meselfs05:18 09-07-2003
            Re: olaf u f---er!DonCarlo10:56 09-07-2003
                Re: olaf u f---er!fightclb112:49 09-07-2003
                    Re: olaf u f---er!meselfs19:47 09-07-2003
                        Re: olaf u f---er!DonCarlo20:06 09-07-2003
                            Re: olaf u f---er!meselfs03:11 11-07-2003
                                Re: olaf u f---er!Olaf van der Spek17:57 11-07-2003
Re: olaf u fucker!Sel939308:58 08-07-2003

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