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CountriesWous09:54 10-07-2003
Re: Countriesmeselfs04:43 11-07-2003

> Hi there..

> I'm trying to make my own country but it's not working right.
> I have my own flag and stuff but I can't get the name in the combobox for selecting countries in skirmisch mode...

> help?

You need to edit the countries name in RA2.csf . Extract the file from language.mix using the Mixer and edit it using the string editor, either the one built-in to the mixer or the one from my site:

Click on downloads at left. It's called the RA2 String Table Editor or something like that. It edits the file you extracted, RA2.CSF, which contains almost all in-game text (the only exception I know is the game version number, eg. 1.006).

I forgot the name of the entry, should be something like Name:America (or whichever country you replaced).

meselfs himself!

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