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XCC String EditorDavid15:28 13-07-2003

hey i've been having a problem with the XCC String Editor recently. i'm starting to work on my mod again and i have all the files that i used before. when i first started, everything worked fine. i could add in new strings, etc. but now for some reason i can't add any new strings. it lets me edit them and everything else, but not insert new ones. i'm also using the latest version of the mixer as well. thanks for your help.

Re: XCC String EditorOlaf van der Spek18:43 13-07-20034
    Re: XCC String EditorDavid13:22 14-07-2003
        Re: XCC String EditorDavid13:31 14-07-2003
            Re: XCC String EditorOlaf van der Spek17:23 14-07-2003

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