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Games don't register on XCLHeman77720:49 30-06-2003
Re: Games don't register on XCLHeman77723:04 15-07-2003

> Hi,

> I have played about 10 games online this month. The first 4 got registered on XCL, but the next 6 did not?
> Some off them did not even get on the WS ladder!
> The last game thats registered on XCL is from 13.06.03.
> My nick does not exist when I try to search the WS ladder, but on my profile page in RA2, it says 5 won 3 lost.
> Can anyone understand this? :confused:

Same prob. this month. Non off my 3 game have registered on XCL. I think they are on the WS ladder, even though i cannot searth the thing, on WOL my stats say 0 won 3 lost this month.
Maybe my XCL record is fucked up???
My nic is Heman777.

Please Help

Re: Games don't register on XCLOlaf van der Spek17:09 16-07-2003

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