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.FNT format in the cache.mix (Font Files)smiffgig02:00 17-07-2003
Re: .FNT format in the cache.mix (Font Files)Olaf van der Spek17:49 17-07-2003

> Ok the file extension .FNT seems to be hardly known by anyone/site

> apparently there is a program with the name of FONTEDIT.EXE that can open these files and what not.

> infact ive downloaded several 3rd party programs with this name, all proving to be useless the first claiming it could open .FNT is a badly designed, foreign language dos program which i cant seem to work (can u blame me)

> the other 2 simply dont understand the .FNT format

> so is there please, anyway i can edit, view and compile my own .FNT files

> starting from what should be the easiest of them "Viewing"
> please can anyone help

> oh and XCC Mixer seems to understand them, displays some specific data just for .FNT (font heigt width or watever) useless to me. It also seems to display them, but they are so tiny either being equivilent to 4 or 6 pixels or a tiny bit more
> either way my point is it can somehow read them to an extent and seems like its displaying them, so is there anyway i can view them properly and edit them

> Help would be greatly apprcieated

> [b]-SMIFFGIG[/b]

You'll probably have to write your own FNT editor, as I doubt there's an editor that supports this specific FNT format.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: .FNT format in the cache.mix (Font Files)SeaManSR18:27 17-07-20032
    Re: .FNT format in the cache.mix (Font Files)Olaf van der Spek18:55 17-07-2003

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