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Re:- Xcc Mod Maker.AKA_Ghost10:19 20-07-2003
Re: Re:- Xcc Mod Maker.Apollo10:52 20-07-2003
Re: Re:- Xcc Mod Maker.AKA_Ghost14:40 20-07-2003

> > Help!!

> > I add all the cameos, shps, vxl, hva, csf, etc. & then goto export to an exe, & then the mod maker just closes, no errors, nothing..

> > What am i doing wrong???

> Well, try taking out the shp packing option but I don't think your only one to have problems with it if its the latest version 1.11

> atleast for me using the shp packing tended to make it shutdown on its own.

yep tryed that with the shp packing option, still closes down.. well if eny1 knows a way round then id be gratefull.

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