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will there ever be...egwin4fun19:58 20-07-2003
Re: will there ever be...DonCarlo20:15 20-07-2003

> hi on the xcl clanning will we ever be able to see the clan abreviations on the xcl ladder ? instead of numbers ?
Hopefully when Olaf gets back - this is just a temporary glitch.

Normally that only happens for new clans until the bot changes the number to the abbrev but it seems its happened for all clans this month.
Until he gets back here is how you find out your clan ID

Go to the clan search page
enter the clan abbreviation, (or player name if you dont know the abbrev)
find the clan and open the clan page

when you open the clan page look at the url
This is the one for om3rta clan

in the middle of the url you will see SquadID=number - highlighted about so for om3rta the ID number is 441644
That is the iD number that appears on the ladder.

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