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Icon problemBanditt_Adams20:13 14-05-2003
Re: Icon problemOlaf van der Spek11:39 15-05-2003
dont now how it workkevin08:25 22-07-2003
Re: dont now how it workOlaf van der Spek14:31 22-07-2003

> > > When trying to replace the shp icon of a unit, there seems to be somehting wrong. I followed the tutorial on this site, and everything is great. Then I use TibEd to replace the icon; yet the new icon is not in the list. When I type it in manually, its not there either.

> > > The icon is of proper dimensions, filesize and pallet. And the XCC mixers say everything went smoothly. And the icon DOES show up in the list in the XCC Mixer/editor. So I know its there! Any ideas?

> > This sounds like a TibEd problem. Ask at the TibEd support forum.

> > > -Banditt
> olaf are u neherlands? mee too and i want too now how u find something if i typ *e1 he is not

Yes, I'm Dutch.

> looking for cameo mix i dont understand that :S

Try *e1*

> :(
> :(

Olaf van der Spek

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