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XWIFOlaf van der Spek05:14 29-10-2001
Re: XWIFKoen van de Sande03:35 30-10-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek19:05 30-10-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero13:04 11-11-2001


> > > Delphi - I've been one of the biggest supporters of XWIF since it's release (I beleived in most of it's functionality and what it tries to accomplish). Unfortunately the team had other issues to focus in the game that were far more important. Now our sights have turned to this utility once again. With a little direction, XWIF could be improved to work 50x's more efficiently with our system, we'd also add some refinement to the interface so that even a NEWBIE would feel comfotable. In the future I would love for XWIF to be positioned as the "The utility you can't live without to play RA2."

> > > Who's to say what the future holds, we'll let the developer behind XWIF decide that fate.

> > What are those last lines supposed to mean? The team is too busy to do something? And "Olaf, please make it for us?" or did I get this wrong? :confused:

> Something to that extend.

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