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MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek23:33 05-06-2003
MF Doesn't work with No crackPhantom300506:50 24-07-2003
Re: MF Doesn't work with No crackOlaf van der Spek15:41 24-07-2003

> Mf doesn't work with no crack :mad: well for me I guess because Everytime I try to press Custome Game,Quick Match,Ect.. it doesn't log me in it just keeps file searching :mad: I guess you won't fix this becaus is a no crack! but if you don't it'll just tell the people MF doesn't work with the no cd crack :cool:
> Bye
> Might Nver see me agian:cool::cool::p

MF shouldn't have a problem with cracks.

Olaf van der Spek

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