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MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek23:33 05-06-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSaaXwonXaa18:29 07-06-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSThe_ONE05:28 29-07-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSThe_ONE08:58 30-07-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek18:08 30-07-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSThe_ONE04:06 31-07-2003

> > > > > <a href="/utilities/">MF 1.09</a> has been released. The bug that caused players trying to join your clan game to be kicked the first time was solved. XCL clan stats are now shown instead of WSL clan stats if the <a href="/xcl/">community ladder</a> option is enabled.

> > > > > <a href="/utilities/">XGS</a> was updated. Replays filenames don't need to match "game replay *.xif" anymore but need to match "*.xif" instead.

> > > > when i try and sign on it gives me an error :mad:

> > > Olaf,

> > > i am also getting this error now. I am using the mf 1.09 and it seems to start ok, but after you launch yuri, and go into a QM the windows error message pops up and it will not let me play a QM. I have reinstalled it and still have have the problem. If I dont start MF I can do the QM and custom on WOL.

> > > Any ideas?????

> > > Thanks,

> > Olaf,

> > I am not sure but I have really messed the MF up. Are there any other FAQ areas on your site? I cannot play any QM or Custom on ra2 or yr.

> > I cannot even do the manual login anymore.

> > i am so confused...................

> No, there aren't.
> Delete all MF related files and registry keys and reinstall.

I have done this, and I can play ra2 and yr on ww but when i try to reinstall mf, it gives me the windows error when i try to play a QM or custom after launching vr or ra2.

One other thing that is strange, it does not let me manualy log in anymore, these are greyed out now for some reason.

Any help???

Re: MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek04:33 31-07-20033
    Re: MF 1.09 & XGSThe_ONE05:51 31-07-2003
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