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MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek23:33 05-06-2003
Re: MF 1.09 & XGSAgamemnon Busmolis.10:08 05-08-2003

yo olaf.

I have a pretty good idea thats been on mind since 1.7.
Simply stated, why not add a more accurate point filter.

wider (400p)
wide (300p)
narrow (200p)
minimum (100p)

There are times I and others would like to use more accurate settings like a (100p) setting for example.

If you make the point filter more specific players could pick and choose EXACTLY who they want to play.

when I have 800 points, I want to play someone with 900 or even 700, but I would rather not play someone with 600 points. I could set the filter to "minimum (100p)"

Anyway, you get the point.

If it would be a pain in the ass then dont even give it a second thought, I just figured it was worth mentioning.

cool idea, no?


Re: MF 1.09 & XGSOlaf van der Spek10:19 05-08-2003

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