Guide: Using WOL Matching Filter


You will need WOL Matching Filter and Red Alert 2.
You can download the XCC utilities from


WOL Matching Filter can be used as a bot on WOL for quick and custom match. It notifies you of the rank of your opponent. It also kicks opponents that are filtered out. In QM, crates are disabled.


Black list - Export
Green list - Export
Red list - Export
White list - Export

Exports the black, green, red or white list to a text file.

Green list - Import
Red list - Import

Imports the green or red list from a text file.

Server - USA

Use the USA server for the next connection.

Server - Euro

Use the Euro server for the next connection.

Server - Pacific

Use the Pacific server for the next connection.

Filter - Points - Disable

Allow any player to join your game.

Filter - Points - Wide

Allow only players with a points difference below 400 points to join your game.

Filter - Points - Narrow

Allow only players with a points difference below 200 points to join your game.

Filter - Tournament - No

Show only non-tournament games.

Filter - Tournament - Player

Show only player tournament games.

Filter - Tournament - Clan

Show only clan tournament games.

Launch - XCC Cheat Reporter

This utility assists you in reporting a cheater.

Launch - XCC Radar Customizer

This utility changes the brightness/color of the terrain on the radar of Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2.

Launch - XCC RA2 Map Updater

This utility retrieves all map packs released by Westwood Studios before it launches Red Alert 2.

Launch - MF Home Page

Opens the home page of MF, where updates of MF can be found.

Launch - MF Image Manager

This utility manages the screenshots you take with Ctrl+C (RA2) or Shift+S (YR). It converts them to JPEG and PNG and creates a gallery.

Add/remove buddy

Adds or removes a player to/from your buddy list.


Adds a player to your ignore list. Players on your ignore list can't page you and can't join your games. Your ignore list isn't saved when you exit XWIF.


Removes a player from your ignore list.

Red list

Adds/removes a player to/from your red list. Players on your red list can't join your games. Your red list is saved when you exit XWIF.


Opens a chat window which allows you to chat with another player.

Copy name

Copies the name of a player/clan to the clipboard.

Copy stats

Copies the stats of a player/clan to the clipboard.


Shows the list of games a player/clan played this month.



Filter - Player - Disable


Filter - Player - Wide


Filter - Player - Narrow


Filter - Tournament - No


Filter - Tournament - Player


Filter - Tournament - Clan

/ps <nick>

Shows player stats for <nick>.

/cs <clan>

Shows clan stats for <clan>.

/r/dpl (English) or /a/dpl (German)

Dumps player list during game (RA2 only).

/r/lxgs (English) or /a/lxgs (German)

Launches XCC Game Spy during game (RA2 only).


BLBlack List
CMCustom Match
GLGreen List
HOHost Only
ILIgnore List
IRCInternet Relay Chat
MFMatching Filter
QMQuick Match
RA2Red Alert 2
RBLReverse Black List
RILReverse Ignore List
RLRed List
RRLReverse Red List
RWLReverse White List
WLWhite List
WOLWestwood Online
WSWestwood Studios
XCCExtended Command & Conquer
XCLXCC Community Ladder
XGSPXCC Game Spy Player
XHPXCC Home Page
YRYuri's Revenge

Frequently asked questions

Help, I can't connect to WOL without MF. What should I do?

Open MF and close it again. Now you should be able to connect to WOL again. If that doesn't work, delete the hosts file in your Windows directory.

How do I activate MF on Windows NT/2000/XP?

MF requires read/write access to the hosts file. If it can't get access, it won't be activated automatically. You should login with an admin account.

MF just kicked my buddy, while the points filter was disabled. Why did it do that?

There are more filters that MF uses. Players that are on the black/red list and players that have more than eight disconnect/wash games, are filtered out.

Could you add extra points filters to MF?