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MF doesn't workTodd406:00 20-04-2004
Re: MF doesn't workOlaf van der Spek12:00 20-04-2004
Re: MF doesn't workTodd400:23 22-04-2004
Re: MF doesn't workOlaf van der Spek00:34 22-04-2004

> > > I'm running MF 1.09 under W2K with RA2. It appears to do nothing: no error messages, nothing. The window is named, "Offline FPW FTP". What is the story as to whether it works for WOL or XWIS? The help page isn't. It doesn't appear to start. There was no "installation": it's an executable file. No documentation in Please advise.

> > WOL is down and MF doesn't support XWIS.

> That's not an answer.

Well, you didn't tell me if never worked.

> I wouldn't have written unless MF didn't work EVER, even when WOL is up. The fact that it was down when I wrote is pure coincidence; I tried it many times when WOL was up. You haven't addressed any of the other points I brought up about MF. Since I've never seen it do anything, is there any indication at all from MF when it is running or connected?

Yes, the offline message in the title is changed (I guess to the name of the server you're connected too).

> How does it indicate that it is filtering? From within RA2, or on its own screen, in which case I can't see it if RA2 is full-screen.

If it doesn't work at all, check your hosts file. It should contain this line:

> As lead design & programmer of MF, you could probably answer these things, or maybe you just don't care anymore.

Indeed, I don't really care about MF, as I've switched to XWIS as WOL is hopeless. The only advantage WOL has ATM is that there are more players on it, but I will answer the questions.

> > Play on XWIS without MF (you won't need it).

> Why not? I'm low-ranked, and would rather not get killed in QM by players who outrank me, even if there are only 8 people on line. XWIS players are pretty damn good.

Because XWIS itself has a points filter.

> -TS

Olaf van der Spek

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    Re: MF doesn't workOlaf van der Spek06:36 28-04-2004

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