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Re: Two Thingsmeselfs00:38 16-07-2004

> > > > Ummm, what do you mean not the image?

> > > > When I render with C4D, it just makes a file, or files, to my specifications, and it was this outputted file(s) that your mixer considers Uknown.

> > > But you said you converted the file you send me from PCX with IrfanView. So I thought that file was last 'touched' by IrfanView and not C4D.

> > Oh... well, it wasn't. It was straight from my renderer. Untouched, just created fresh from C4D & then zipped.

> :confused:

Sorry to confuse you with confusing speech...

> Then what did you mean with "so I just assumed all TGAs are created equally & grabbed some old PCXs and used IrfanView to turn them into TGAs"?

When 1.34 was released I had no projects ready to render, but I wanted to test it. Instead of waiting for a project to complete, I took a bunch of PCXs and converted to TGA (with IrfanView) and tested the Mixer with those. I never tried it with TGAs produced by my renderer because I assumed they're all the same, structurally.

But now I did need to render a project, and took render fresh frames to convert, and they weren't recognized.

meselfs himself!

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