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XCC Mixer 1.35Olaf van der Spek13:10 10-07-2004
Two Thingsmeselfs04:55 14-07-2004
Re: Two Thingsmeselfs19:34 18-07-2004

> 2) You know how the resizer can neatly smooth the image but no bleed colors to the background? Well, this idea should be also incorporated into remaps, because there are reddish colors on some pallets (including unittem) which get mixed in with the remap. So to summarize that, preven color bleeding with remaps. I can show a screenshot of the problem, if you want.

I really don't want to sound demanding, but will this be done?
I want to know because I have some SHPs awaiting resize. It's definitely not urgent, but I want to know if my waiting is in vain, so that I can go ahead and edit unittem and resize, if I need to.

Did you want a screenshot, BTW?

meselfs himself!

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