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Re: XWIFGotrek08:35 15-11-2001
Re: XWIFLong_Gone08:51 15-11-2001

> > > Hmmm, EVERY book here does it before the "
> > > that's weird... you SURE you put the , after the "?

> > i dont remember the sentence, but i dont think the sentence itself warrented a comma, which is what i was pointing out, but i feel its after the " anyway.

> > Gotrek, please refrain from spelling "center" as "centre," or you will be shot. Thank you.

> Reapr was right, I checked. The comma always goes straight after the word, before the speech marks. Plus if you were saying the sentence aloud, you would pause after saying "centre," so that you can put on a stern, serious face, before continuing with the threat. :-)

i'd pause after the first center, not the second.

Re: XWIFGotrek07:32 16-11-2001

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