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XWIFOlaf van der Spek05:14 29-10-2001
Re: XWIFMan Spider03:33 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek05:03 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero05:34 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek18:04 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero02:32 12-11-2001
Re: XWIFLong_Gone09:38 12-11-2001
Re: XWIFMan Spider11:42 12-11-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero12:56 12-11-2001

Thank you for witholding your criticism of my behavior. Please refrain from spelling "humor" as "humour," as that would be silly. Thank you for your time. Salutations from Jackson's Bulb's Inc.!

> I will attempt to keep myself from becoming a hypocrite and insulting you.

> Nothing states it, it's just an opinion (also known as a "comment"). Everything everyone says does not have to be backed up by pure, hard evidence and written in stone. The way Maniac composed himself made me want to puke after reading it.

Re: XWIFGotrek07:54 13-11-200123
    Re: XWIFReaprZero08:11 13-11-2001
        Re: XWIFGotrek08:23 13-11-2001
            Re: XWIFReaprZero07:10 14-11-2001
                Re: XWIFGotrek08:05 14-11-2001
                    Re: XWIFLong_Gone09:21 14-11-2001
                        Re: XWIFGotrek08:38 15-11-2001
                            Re: XWIFReaprZero11:05 15-11-2001
                                Re: XWIFGotrek07:35 16-11-2001
                                    Re: XWIFDave06:12 18-11-2001
                                        Re: XWIFGotrek06:51 18-11-2001
                                            Re: XWIFReaprZero20:41 19-11-2001
                                    Re: XWIFReaprZero20:41 19-11-2001
        Re: XWIFLong_Gone09:46 13-11-2001
            Re: XWIFReaprZero07:10 14-11-2001
                Re: XWIFLong_Gone07:41 14-11-2001
                    Re: XWIFGotrek08:08 14-11-2001
                        Re: XWIFReaprZero04:00 15-11-2001
                            Re: XWIFLong_Gone04:02 15-11-2001
                                Re: XWIFGotrek08:35 15-11-2001
                                    Re: XWIFGotrek08:36 15-11-2001
                                    Re: XWIFLong_Gone08:51 15-11-2001
                                        Re: XWIFGotrek07:32 16-11-2001

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