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EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceOlaf van der Spek21:02 06-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community Servicespotelmo18:49 08-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceDonCarlo17:30 09-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community Servicespotelmo03:30 10-10-2005

> > what exactly does "support" entail?
> > will these still be ea owned matching/ladder servers operated by XWIS? or will it be XWIS servers?
> > will there be added(new) support for the games as well? or just for the servers?
> > how is XWIS getting paid? is it through donations to keep this going? or will ea be sending a check?
> > i don't know XWIS so please don't take the following as an insult...
> > if XWIS team members attempt anything malicious or simply turn into jerks, what recourse will the players have?(not that we have any against the non-support of EA now)

> Hi Spotelmo
> All of your concerns are covered in a legal Agreenent XWIS has with EA. If we were to break and of the terms they would simply take back control.
> In terms of stability, XWIS is running on servers supplied and hosted by EA so you do not need to worry about that either.

thanks you. i'm looking forward to being able to play these games like i did when they first came out(before the onslaught of morons and loss of support by ea)

Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceDonCarlo07:36 11-10-2005

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