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EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceOlaf van der Spek21:02 06-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community Servicespotelmo18:49 08-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceDonCarlo17:30 09-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community Servicespotelmo03:30 10-10-2005
Re: EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceDonCarlo07:36 11-10-2005

> > > what exactly does "support" entail?
> > > will these still be ea owned matching/ladder servers operated by XWIS? or will it be XWIS servers?
> > > will there be added(new) support for the games as well? or just for the servers?
> > > how is XWIS getting paid? is it through donations to keep this going? or will ea be sending a check?
> > > i don't know XWIS so please don't take the following as an insult...
> > > if XWIS team members attempt anything malicious or simply turn into jerks, what recourse will the players have?(not that we have any against the non-support of EA now)

> > Hi Spotelmo
> > All of your concerns are covered in a legal Agreenent XWIS has with EA. If we were to break and of the terms they would simply take back control.
> > In terms of stability, XWIS is running on servers supplied and hosted by EA so you do not need to worry about that either.

> thanks you. i'm looking forward to being able to play these games like i did when they first came out(before the onslaught of morons and loss of support by ea)

Have Fun :)

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