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XCC Editor + AV PlayerGauss02:32 26-03-2008
Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek11:31 26-03-2008

> Hi, I'm back here again for help.

> I'm trying to run XCC Editor but I keep getting the message "Data load failed". In the FAQ it says: Run XCC AV Player. Choose "set directories...". Put the directory where you installed XCC Editor in the box "data directory".

> But I can't fine the "set directories" button on the side menu... Where is it? :confused:

It moved to XCC Mixer. But yesterday I uploaded a new version of XCC Utilities.
If it still returns this error, manually deleting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\XCC\datadir should do the trick.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerGauss16:19 27-03-20084
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