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XCC Editor + AV PlayerGauss02:32 26-03-2008
Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek11:31 26-03-2008
Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerGauss16:19 27-03-2008

> It moved to XCC Mixer. But yesterday I uploaded a new version of XCC Utilities.
> If it still returns this error, manually deleting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\XCC\datadir should do the trick.
Alright! It works!

Now I have a different editor-related question...

Basically I'm making a single-player mission map and made 3 time-triggers that are supposed to send you reinforcements in the beginning. But even though the lady says "reinforcements have arrived" at the appropriate times, they don't always appear. Sometimes I get 1 of 3 reinforcements, sometimes 2 of 3, sometimes all of them and sometimes none at all. What's wrong?

Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek16:43 27-03-20083
    Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerGauss03:10 28-03-2008
        Re: XCC Editor + AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek11:28 28-03-2008

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