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XWIFOlaf van der Spek05:14 29-10-2001
Re: XWIFMan Spider03:33 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek05:03 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero05:34 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek18:04 11-11-2001
Re: XWIFReaprZero02:32 12-11-2001
Re: XWIFjud0chop16:45 26-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek16:58 26-11-2001
Re: XWIFjud0chop08:57 27-11-2001
Re: XWIFOlaf van der Spek20:59 27-11-2001

> > > can we bring this all to hostile please, its a much easier chat interface,

> > I like this one better.
> why? this is a great site and i love your work and all for cnc, but all this Re: stuff is confusing and hard to follow

It allows for threading and good notification by mail and ICQ.

Re: XWIFReaprZero06:02 28-11-2001

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