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PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Nikah18:47 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Olaf van der Spek19:11 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Nikah19:38 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Gotrek08:09 29-11-2001

> I need to know how to convert the palet to Paint Shop Pro format and then back to RA 2 format. I really need a program that does this, but the XCC Mixer is supposed to and does not!


Look it's real simple!!!

You open the shp as a pcx in PSP, then save the pallet (call it RA2) then create your own pcx file, load the RA2 pallet, then convert to shp!

Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Will17:08 29-11-2001

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