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PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Nikah18:47 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Olaf van der Spek19:11 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Nikah19:38 28-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Gotrek08:09 29-11-2001
Re: PAL Editor (SHP Editor)Will17:08 29-11-2001

> > I need to know how to convert the palet to Paint Shop Pro format and then back to RA 2 format. I really need a program that does this, but the XCC Mixer is supposed to and does not!

> >

> Look it's real simple!!!

> You open the shp as a pcx in PSP, then save the pallet (call it RA2) then create your own pcx file, load the RA2 pallet, then convert to shp!

IIRC, this is how to do those steps that Gotrek described:

in the XCC Mixer, right-click on an SHP file; a menu will pop-up. On this, select "copy to PCX" (or similar wording, same meaning) and this will place a copy of this SHP file into the current directory (usually the same directory that XCC is in) with each 'frame' of the SHP file a different PCX file with a number on the end of the name.

Paint Shop Pro (demo version available) can load PCX files, as can most other image programs. In these programs, you can generally save the palette from any one of these PCX files yourself to some name you want.

Then, you can use this palette any time you want in your favourite imaging program (e.g. Paint Shop Pro).

When you make infantry, remember that each 'frame' is a separate PCX file, that all must use this palette you've extracted, and that they must be numbered so that XCC Mixer can convert them to an SHP later.

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