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auto-normaliser 1.3will19:53 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3flyby21:55 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3NoGood00:39 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3will00:43 14-12-2001

> How does one execute the AutoNormaliser? I Run the exe and it brings up an Command window for a brief second. Does it run on NT? :) Sorry for the lame question

> -NoGood

it runs at the 'dos prompt'

which version of windows do you have installed and in which directory did you put the files from the zip?

Re: auto-normaliser 1.3NoGood00:46 14-12-20013
    Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Will20:15 16-12-2001
        Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Godwin01:49 17-12-2001

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