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XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.08Olaf van der Spek01:35 28-12-2001
Problems with XWIFXp0si0n08:00 29-12-2001
Re: Problems with XWIFMatthew J13:59 29-12-2001

This may seem like a dumb question but you do start xwif b4 you log into westwood online right? If it's working, you should see all your buddies on the white screen along with your name. I've also noticed every change you make to xwif settins your going to have to log back out and log back into Westwood in order for the changes to take effect.

Hope this helps
Matthew J

> OS: Windows 2000

> Problems: XWIF doesn't do anything after I click on "Login" on YR. I alt-tab, screen is blank (all white). If I do it quick enough only my username comes up on the left side. Status never displayed anything. I get the "Connecting" screen in YR but I never log on.

> Error Messages: None, simply "Not responding" comes up in task manager.

> Steps taken so far: Disabled firewall. Checked, double checked the hosts file. It's in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc. Lines displayed in the file are "" and "" Deleted hosts file. Rebooted and tried again. Tried RA2, Same problem occurs. Never had problems with the other XWIFs.

Re: Problems with XWIFXp0si0n22:09 29-12-2001

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