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RA2 & TS .SHPsTom H.06:10 09-01-2002
Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsGotrek07:17 09-01-2002
Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsBlade08:13 09-01-2002

> > I tried to use TS .SHPs for RA2 infantry, but the game only uses one image from the .SHP that slides across the screen. How do I make it act like a real unit?

> Isn't this something to do with using the right sequences in art(md).ini?
> I think they might be slightliy different in RA2.

> Try using the GI sequence for a regular TS unit.

> Someone feel free to butt in here if I'm totally wrong tho!

Just copy the sequence from TS to the ra2 art.ini files. The existing ones in RA2 won't work right.

Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsGotrek07:24 10-01-2002

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