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RA2 & TS .SHPsTom H.06:10 09-01-2002
Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsGotrek07:17 09-01-2002
Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsBlade08:13 09-01-2002
Re: RA2 & TS .SHPsGotrek07:24 10-01-2002

> > > I tried to use TS .SHPs for RA2 infantry, but the game only uses one image from the .SHP that slides across the screen. How do I make it act like a real unit?

> > Isn't this something to do with using the right sequences in art(md).ini?
> > I think they might be slightliy different in RA2.

> > Try using the GI sequence for a regular TS unit.

> > Someone feel free to butt in here if I'm totally wrong tho!

> Just copy the sequence from TS to the ra2 art.ini files. The existing ones in RA2 won't work right.

oh I got it the wrong way round then, sorry :-)

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