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Spinning rotor blades in TSVPR13:37 12-01-2002
Re: Spinning rotor blades in TShaydn03:57 13-01-2002
Re: Spinning rotor blades in TSStrategic Commander06:26 13-01-2002
Re: Spinning rotor blades in TSStrategic Commander07:30 13-01-2002

> > > Is it possible? I have the proper multisection helicopter voxels and HVA animations to go with them... but in game, they just dont spin.

> > > is there something i need to add to rules.ini or perhaps art.ini?

> > > thanks in advance

> > Doesn't sound right. Are you sure?
> > With the blades, put a small ring around the outside (i.e. in a circle) and it is more likely to show in front of the body. That may solve it.

> Don't think that's the problem, Haydn. Trouble is, even in RA2 true aircraft did not have the capability of using multi-frame HVA's.

Perhaps I should clarify my reasoning here: Whit aircraft (and almost all other) locomotors, only the first frame of the hva is rendered. If you are worried about the blade rotation itself, you could substitute the chopper image for the Mammoth Mk. II and see if there is any animation, because I think that it is the only multi-frame hva in Tiberian Sun.

>It has something to do with the locomotors. Support for this was added in YR for the spy plane I think. The helicopters in RA2 that have been made to work are actually special hover units, and that is again something that Tiberian Sun does not support. Sorry VPR, but (as much as I hate the words) it can't be done.

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