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Is Westwood being sued?Alon-Balon06:56 19-01-2002

No, Westwood is probably not being sued, i just had that header to attract your attention, well let's get to the point:
I saw not long ago that a video game company is being sued for a few million dollars by Arnold Schwarsenegger for using the "Terminator" character in a game with no approval and if you have played the 2nd allies mission BEFORE the patch (the one in Holywood) there are 3 movie stars and one is Arnie Frankenfurter and he looks like a Terminator and talks like Arnold in Terminator and has a Terminator gun.. well i just thought that this and the fact that they did remove it in a patch(more or less) does mean something.
But i don't worry to much caues i think they said it was an arcate company but it still could be Westwood, so share your thoughts with me( esspecially if you've heard something else about this)

Re: Is Westwood being sued?Gotrek06:16 20-01-2002

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