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Is Westwood being sued?Alon-Balon06:56 19-01-2002
Re: Is Westwood being sued?Gotrek06:16 20-01-2002

> No, Westwood is probably not being sued, i just had that header to attract your attention, well let's get to the point:
> I saw not long ago that a video game company is being sued for a few million dollars by Arnold Schwarsenegger for using the "Terminator" character in a game with no approval and if you have played the 2nd allies mission BEFORE the patch (the one in Holywood) there are 3 movie stars and one is Arnie Frankenfurter and he looks like a Terminator and talks like Arnold in Terminator and has a Terminator gun.. well i just thought that this and the fact that they did remove it in a patch(more or less) does mean something.
> But i don't worry to much caues i think they said it was an arcate company but it still could be Westwood, so share your thoughts with me( esspecially if you've heard something else about this)

OOOOooooooooooooooohhhhhhh! Baaad sig!

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