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time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr23:20 19-01-2002
Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionAlon-Balon02:23 20-01-2002

> ok well i updated 3ds2vxl.

Don't you think a link to your site would be appropriate?

> i redid the controls code so now you can use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time without weird things happening. the code should also make it easier for me to do the AI stuff i am planning on adding.

> i added an option to change the size of the viewport while the viewer is running because everyone has different speed computers so people with AMD computers can afford to increase the size a little to get more pleasurable graphics.

> i thought it was a bit weird to have an animated camouflage procedural texture on the vehicles so i decided to apply my animated procedural methods for the sky to get an idea what the windows version of my program will look like. it's so cool. it looks like you're in a psychadelic dream world. it's like you're on drugs or something. fun for the whole family.

> ok now for the uncool stuff which makes me angry and depressed.

> my parents just bought a DVD player with a multiple speaker system and also a big screen TV. ok first of all i plugged my old stereo system (which is actually my little sister's that she doesn't want to use anymore coz she doesn't live here anymore) which i normally have plugged into the computer (because as you know only complete morons think that you're supposed to actually use computer speakers for something) into the DVD player. this was so i now had both sound systems plugged into the DVD player so i could compare the new speakers with the old ones. the old ones were actually much better than the new ones and when my other sister heard them she told me not to show my dad or he would maybe beat my mum to death for buying these new speakers. ok now the tv. it's a big screen backlit projector thing. i warned my parents many times not to buy those. ok not only this but the picture is absolute crap i think because it converts the images to digital before displaying. as you should know digital screens are crap compared to analog. desktop computers use analog screens and laptops use digital ones. that should give you an idea. there's a reason we use analog screens on computers even though computers are digital. it's because digital screens are crap, simple as that. besides that it is so wasteful to use digital for a tv since tv signals are analog meaning they have infinite undefined colors and horizontal resolution. ok well i just looked at the box for the tv. it says digital a few times on it so i guess i was right. whatever you do don't buy digital TVs or monitors. i suspected this for a long time. stop thinking that digital means better. my parents never listen to me. my parents haven't finished their mad shopping spree yet. my dad wants to get a new 2000 MHZ computer. if he gets one with speakers, a thin flat digital screen, and a laser mouse i'm gonna lose it.

Well first of all, did you mean your parents bought an LCD screen or what?
I have an LG made Flatron screen ( flat, but not thin like LCD) for my desktop and LCD ( what else?) for my laptop ( which is crap btw)
And my parents don't even know what those things mean, they are not quite into the new "high-tech" world and don't have time to use or even learn computer, internet or even new tv and speaker tech, but at least they buy me new computer hardware when i want it :)
Now 'bout the speakers, i agree that sometimes old speaker systems can beat new ones and that speakers you get with a computer are crap but eventually, if you take the best 5.1 speakers sys money can buy nothing can beat that ( not even your sister's stereo :D ) AND i have the best 5.1 computer-oriented speaker system to prove it, it's the Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 digital ( a Creative sub-company).
It has 4 smaller front-rear settalites, 1 big one for the center and a really big and REALLY powerful subwoofer, all that and it's reciver which is something great: quality Dolby-Digital decoding, multiple inputs AND the ability to divide stereo streams into 5.1 ( more or less, you can never get perfect job without an audio studio but this one does incredible job for it's type).

Anyhow, it is my belive that the ultimate home-entertainment experience is actually 1 computer replacing all the junk stuff like TVs and stereos and radios and even the piano!!!!
Only problem is, that computer monitors are too small and not wide-screen ( for DVD movies) but this can be overcome by getting a wide-screen TV and connecting it to your pc's fancy new-generation 3D accelerator ( also reffered to as a display card) but, oh wait, that makes another problem, you need a way to correct the "bloory-performance" issue when usint the tv in windows, but i've heard that this doesn't happen in new display cards ( or was it tv's, i don't remember).
anyway ViPr, why don't you like laser mice ( optical mice), they are MUCH better!

> btw i just heard that DVD's here in Dubai are censored. WHAT THE HELL! they just don't know when to quit!!!! anyway. so now i gotta wait for even longer before i watch DVDs. you know so far i have not watched enen one DVD movie in my life. the only DVD i watched was one at my friend's house which was an ALI G compilation thing that he smuggled in here from London i think.

Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr17:25 20-01-20022
    Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionAlon-Balon23:00 28-01-2002

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