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time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr23:20 19-01-2002
Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionAlon-Balon02:23 20-01-2002
Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr17:25 20-01-2002
Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionAlon-Balon23:00 28-01-2002

> > > ok well i updated 3ds2vxl.

> > Don't you think a link to your site would be appropriate?

> not really. i haven't posted a new version of my program or webpage on the internet yet. when i make a new release of 3ds2vxl then i post in this forum where to get it. i'm not that super enthusiastic about my program since i don't consider it very useful at the moment because the normals are not unscrambled yet.

> > Well first of all, did you mean your parents bought an LCD screen or what?

> no they bought a bigscreen backlit projector thing. that's bad enough by itself but on top of that it's digital. i can't believe my parents didn't even take me to look at the TVs before they bought one. i could see right away that it looked awful. they probably assumed that the crappiness is due to the poor channel reception. all the channels in this country don't work properly coz i guess the weather is too bad in a desert.

Oh i see what tv you're talking about, i think that those are crap too.

> > I have an LG made Flatron screen ( flat, but not thin like LCD) for my desktop and LCD ( what else?) for my laptop ( which is crap btw)
> > And my parents don't even know what those things mean, they are not quite into the new "high-tech" world and don't have time to use or even learn computer, internet or even new tv and speaker tech, but at least they buy me new computer hardware when i want it :)
> > Now 'bout the speakers, i agree that sometimes old speaker systems can beat new ones and that speakers you get with a computer are crap but eventually, if you take the best 5.1 speakers sys money can buy nothing can beat that ( not even your sister's stereo :D ) AND i have the best 5.1 computer-oriented speaker system to prove it, it's the Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 digital ( a Creative sub-company).
> > It has 4 smaller front-rear settalites, 1 big one for the center and a really big and REALLY powerful subwoofer, all that and it's reciver which is something great: quality Dolby-Digital decoding, multiple inputs AND the ability to divide stereo streams into 5.1 ( more or less, you can never get perfect job without an audio studio but this one does incredible job for it's type).

> i think this multi-speaker thing is ridiculous. we have only 2 ears. there are 3d sound systems that work with just 2 speakers; the sound is distorted to make it seem like it's coming from somewhere else. why in this multi-speaker surround sound system is there no above and below speakers and why is the bass in mono while the rest is in stereo? who got to decide that? sheesh.

First of all, 3d sound in games from 2 speakers is crap compared to 5.1 (6) speakers and you can't argue with that, ofcorse there are companyes that make shitty 5.1 speakers but it just makes a whole lot of difference when you play, let's say Counter-Strike and hear a guy walking behind you, FROM THE REAR-LEFT SPEAKER then you jump, turn and shoot( noone said CS is too realistic) just as he unleashes bursts of rounds from his Uzi to your head, then you die, oh well, at least you can watch the rest of the fighting and hear all the shooting from different directions, oh man it sounds so cool, sometimes i die on the start just so i can enjoy the others fighting, REALLY!!, it is that good!!
Another thing is DVD movies with lot's and lot's of action, that's soo cool to hear with 5.1

btw ViPr, how frequent if at all do you go to the cinema? and if you do then do you like the sound?

> > Anyhow, it is my belive that the ultimate home-entertainment experience is actually 1 computer replacing all the junk stuff like TVs and stereos and radios and even the piano!!!!

> yah i agree. a computer can and therefore should do everything. that's why i hate X-box and other game consoles.

> > Only problem is, that computer monitors are too small and not wide-screen ( for DVD movies) but this can be overcome by getting a wide-screen TV and connecting it to your pc's fancy new-generation 3D accelerator ( also reffered to as a display card) but, oh wait, that makes another problem, you need a way to correct the "bloory-performance" issue when usint the tv in windows, but i've heard that this doesn't happen in new display cards ( or was it tv's, i don't remember).

> so what if monitors are not widescreen; why not just use part of the screen; have black borders on the top and bottom. if a monitor is too small then why not put it closer to you? i think monitors are much better than TVs always. more pixels, less visible scanlines, higher refresh rate, and the image fits inside the screen!

OK i agree with you on that one! viva la computer monitors!!!!

> > anyway ViPr, why don't you like laser mice ( optical mice), they are MUCH better!

> ok yah they are better at not getting dirt inside them but that's about it. we need laser mice like we need a battery powered whistle that when we put our lips on it and blow it switches on a fan inside the whistle to blow through the exit hole to make a sound. it's a misuse of technology. i just can't play properly on a laser mouse. if you are too quick with it then it gets totally lost and has no idea in what direction you just moved it. i get totally disoriented when playing an FPS with laser mice; i might try to turn left and it will make me turn right instead. i've tried many laser mice; it's not like the one i tried was a broken one. btw the dirt thing doesn't really help either because my friend had a laser mouse and although the dirt didn't get inside it stayed on the outside and on the underside so that the mouse started sticking to the table, and we tried to clean it but it didn't help.

Heya, watcha talkina but? Opticalz are WAY WAY better then mechanical onez!

I'll give you a comparison right here right now (but since i only use microsoft-made-track-ballz it is between the Microsoft Trackball and the Microsoft Trackball Optical )

The regular trackball i had before just sucked! the weels that are supposed to catch the mouse movement have ALWAYS gotten dirty so fast, i had to clean it (rotate and remove the cover, remove the ball, get an object with a paper on it to clean dust.... bla bla bla....) 2 times a day! ( my house is very unclean) but now, not only i clean my mouse only every 2 months ( more or less), the mouse movement is alot faster and alot smoother and IT NEVER GETS STUCK OR LOSE IT'S POSITION and it's good for everything: FPS, RTS, GRAPHIC APPS, 3DSMAX and just EVERYTHING you need a mouse for so don't give me your regular mummbo jummbo, cause( just like with the 5.1 speakerz) you just expirienced the wrong and faulty hardware and most of it is not only not bad, but super good.

That is all, goodbye and rest in peace

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