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shp filessft+21:40 02-02-2002

i've been looking for information on the dune2 .shp file format, but all i've found (or figured out myself) didn't work... i don't know if you are going to put that info into your documents section, but if not (or not in near future), could you e-mail me some specs?

Re: shp filessft+01:11 03-02-20028
    Re: shp filesOlaf van der Spek03:20 03-02-2002
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                Re: shp filesOlaf van der Spek00:42 05-02-2002
                    Re: shp filessft+03:58 05-02-2002
            Re: shp filesOlaf van der Spek22:44 12-02-2002
    Re: shp filesOlaf van der Spek23:47 12-02-2002

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