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3 audio problemsDrake02:05 09-02-2002
Re: 3 audio problemsOlaf van der Spek02:41 09-02-2002

> (Game is Tiberian Sun) I've done everything right in adding the 2 new MP3's to the game (I successfully converted to .aud, and successfully wrote to the .ini file), but my music isn't in the game when I played. I'm not sure if I have to use the XCC Mix Editor and add them, I haven't tried yet, but that sounds right.

The AUDs should be added to the TS dir.

> Also, how do I edit the new AUD files' description so they have a name?

By editing their filenames.

> It wouldn't be very good to have new tracks in the game without any names. One last thing. All I've been doing is trying to load those new songs into Tiberian Sun, and since then, I've lost the music and some sound fx that are supposed to play when you go to the skirmish setup screen. What happened? the most noticeable sound that's gone is the click when you move a slider bar a notch. By the way, I use the Firestorm disk when I play. Please Help!

Which INIs and MIXs are in your TS dir?

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