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3 audio problemsDrake02:05 09-02-2002
Re: 3 audio problemsOlaf van der Spek02:41 09-02-2002
Re: 3 audio problemsDrake03:12 09-02-2002
Re: 3 audio problemsOlaf van der Spek03:38 09-02-2002
Re: 3 audio problemsDrake10:55 09-02-2002

OK, so multi.mix contains your multiplayer maps that you create? Or all of them. They probably don't show up in XCC AV Player, scince that's used for .aud and .vga things. I might know what's wrong with the sound getting cut off, but not the missing sounds. It might be cutting off because my computer might've changed, by itself, my processor settings so it thinks my 500 Mhz chip is only a 233 Mhz chip. It's done that before. I think this because a lot of other programs are running slower than normal, and the sounds and music skip a lot sometimes during gameplay, even at medium display quality. I never used to have that problem. Another thing that skips and/or pops sometimes now that never used to happen is when I listen to music with music players (wether it's in WAV or MP3). Anyway, I'm going to check that out and reinstall TS and Firestorm. How do I edit and add new vehicles, explosions, weapons, etc.? I think I should just start that in a topic of it's own, so just tell me if you want me to start that one in a new topic. Thanks, again!

Re: 3 audio problemsOlaf van der Spek18:13 09-02-2002

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