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Windows version of 3ds2vxlViPr18:59 07-03-2002

ok we just got a new computer with 2.2 GHZ and 512 MB RAM and XP. it's rather annoying that my program can't work on it. anyway now i'm motivated more that ever to convert my program to windows. I was wondering, do i just need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or do i have to download some massive SDK also in order for me to just convert everything in my program to windows? i just need to change the hardware routines like the mouse, keyboard, timer, and graphic output i think. forget about 3d acceleration for now; we got only a geforce2 mx so i can't do 3d acceleration yet. also about how much should this software cost for a student? like 100 bucks?

ok to other people who have XP. i have a couple of questions:

1. how do i check what version of directx i have? can i use the same directx that the other windows versions use?

2. how do i increase the number of windows i can open at the same time without them collapsing into one thing at the bottom of the screen that i have to click on and then pick from the list of windows?

btw Olaf in case you're wondering why i don't have the link to my site on here, it's because i can't remember where to put it.

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