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super weaponsPseudokrow06:05 01-04-2002

how can i add super weapons to the game? i've been trying to add the following things:

(*) Heaven's Eye Cannon: Nod's Ion cannon, with a red tint, not blue like gdi
(*) Power Backup: you'll be able to build a backup battery for your base, and it'll charge. like the firestorm defense, it will slowly lose power, you can activate it when an enemy destroys your power plants, and it'll power your base for about 2 minutes.
(*) Cruise Missile: 1234
(*) Meteor Strike: GDI will be able to call in a meteor shower from orbit
(*) i'll reply if i think up any new ones

Re: super weaponsGotrek06:42 01-04-20023
    Re: super weaponsPseudokrow05:32 02-04-2002
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