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3ds2vxl.... Nendo would be cool....Pepsolman05:57 02-04-2002

I have messed around with the 3ds2vxl convertor. I have been nothing but disappointed in my efforts. My colors where always distorted and screwed. Why does making your own voxels got to be so impossible? Anyways... someone made a 3ds file by the name of Rhino that went with the first version of 3ds2vxl... It converted perfectly... how in the hell did that happen? It just blows my mind... thing is I couldn't even view that 3ds file in wings.

My desire for a future convertor would be one that converts Nendo files (ndo) into voxels.... thus ndo2vxl. That would kick major ass because Nendo is so easy to use and color objects... it would open the door for voxel creation. If you don't know what Nendo is... you should really try it out. Then try Wings 3D out.

Anyways... my quest continues on making my own voxels... still frustrated but still trying to find an easy way to shape my car, have it colored, then convert through 3ds2vxl.

Boy this drives me crazy...

Re: 3ds2vxl.... Nendo would be cool....ViPr01:20 03-04-2002

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