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How can i create SHP vehicles ???Hammer06:41 03-04-2002
Re: How can i create SHP vehicles ???Gotrek07:14 03-04-2002
Re: How can i create SHP vehicles ???Hammer14:42 03-04-2002
Re: How can i create SHP vehicles ???Gotrek08:55 04-04-2002

As [DcM] says, but more info...

I believe all shp units need two extra lines in artmd.ini which voxel units do not need.

Here is the entry for the Terror Drone, an shp unit.
[DRON] ; Terror Drone

Look at the shp file dron.shp
Count the first six images. They all show the drone walking in the same direction, frame by frame. The next six images show exactly the same thing, except that now the drone is walking to the north-east, (45 degrees) rather than north (0 degrees). There are exactly six images for each of the eight possible directions a unit can move in the game.
Therefore, WalkFrames=6
This is then followed by the images for the drone attacking. Four images, frame by frame, for attacking north, then four images for north-east, and so on round to north-west in the final four images.
So FiringFrames=4

What you need to do is count the number of frames in the shp for proba.shp which show the unit moving on one direction. Since this is just the Kirov, you probably have only the one image for each direction, as it just floats, and has no moving parts. So WalkFrames should probably =1
And the same goes for FiringFrames.
Just remember that, since it is an shp and not a voxel, there will be no smooth transition when the unit turns around.

> The Game is Yuri's Revenge.
> The entryes are :

> For Rules :
> Just for a test i changed the kirov

> in the vehicle section:
> xx=proba

> in the rules

> ; testing Kirov Airship, Blimp
> [proba]
> UIName=Name:ZEP
> Name=Kirov Airship
> Prerequisite=NAWEAP,NATECH
> Primary=BlimpBomb
> Strength=2000
> Category=AirPower
> Armor=medium
> TechLevel=10
> Sight=8
> RadarInvisible=no
> MoveToShroud=yes
> BalloonHover=yes ; ie never land
> ;OmniFire=yes ;GEF moving to weapon
> Speed=5
> JumpjetSpeed=5 ;params not defined use defaults (old globals way up top called Jumpjet controls)
> JumpjetClimb=6 ; SJM increased from 2 so Kirov can get out of factory before doors close
> JumpjetCrash=12 ; Climb, but down
> JumpJetAccel=10
> JumpJetTurnRate=2
> JumpjetHeight=750
> ;JumpjetWobbles=.01 ; ! value of zero stop wobbles? NO! Wobbles of zero means div by 0 crash. "How many wobbles would you like?" "0" "You must have wobbles!!! I kill you!"
> ;JumpjetDeviation=1
> JumpjetNoWobbles=yes ; Really small numbers on two lines above don't actually slow down the wobbling since it is the amplitude of a sinusoidal curve
> Crashable=yes ; JJ plummets down like aircraft
> PitchSpeed=.9
> PitchAngle=0
> Owner=Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs
> Cost=2000
> Soylent=2000
> Points=100
> ROT=10
> SpeedType=Hover
> Crewed=no
> ConsideredAircraft=yes
> Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60
> MaxDebris=14
> IsSelectableCombatant=yes
> VoiceSelect=KirovSelect
> VoiceMove=KirovMove
> VoiceAttack=KirovAttackCommand
> VoiceFeedback=
> VoiceCrashing=KirovVoiceDie
> DieSound=
> CreateSound=KirovCreated
> CrashingSound=KirovDie
> ImpactLandSound=KirovCrash
> Locomotor={92612C46-F71F-11d1-AC9F-006008055BB5} ;Jumpjet
> MovementZone=Fly
> ThreatPosed=30 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons
> DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys
> AuxSound1=Dummy ;Taking off
> AuxSound2=Dummy ;Landing
> AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=yes
> SelfHealing=Yes
> MoveSound=KirovMoveLoop
> ElitePrimary=BlimpBombE
> Parasiteable=no
> Size=50
> Bunkerable=no; Units default to yes, others default to no

> and in art section

> [proba] ; testing Kirov Airship
> AltCameo=ZEPUICO
> Voxel=no
> PrimaryFireFLH=-50,0,-140

> where proba is the name of the vehicle and the name of the SHP file. Now please tell where i did go wrong????????

Re: How can i create SHP vehicles ???Hammer15:09 04-04-20025
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