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infantrytacojons03:59 28-04-2002
Re: infantryOlaf van der Spek04:08 28-04-2002
Re: infantrytacojons04:10 28-04-2002
Re: infantryGotrek07:00 28-04-2002
Re: infantryOlaf van der Spek18:45 28-04-2002
Re: infantryGotrek00:01 29-04-2002

> > > > > My new infantry units are showing up invisible. I want one to look like an engineer, another a spy, and the last one a rocketeer but they so up invisible does any know how fix this problem without using Image=?

> > > > What's wrong with Image=?
> > > > What exactly did you do?

> > > If i use Image= then my new icons wont work and they will use the icon of the image im using e.g. Image=SPY then the infantry will use the default spy icon

> > well then, extract the SHPs for the infantry you want to use, and rename them as your new units. Them stick them in an expand99.mix file, or whatever it's called.

> Can't he just put the Image= in art.ini instead of rules.ini so he can still use the original SHP?

I dunno. It's been so long since I did any c&c editing. I'm just going by memory.

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