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infantrytacojons03:59 28-04-2002
Re: infantryOlaf van der Spek04:08 28-04-2002
Re: infantrytacojons04:10 28-04-2002
Re: infantryGotrek07:00 28-04-2002

> > > My new infantry units are showing up invisible. I want one to look like an engineer, another a spy, and the last one a rocketeer but they so up invisible does any know how fix this problem without using Image=?

> > What's wrong with Image=?
> > What exactly did you do?

> If i use Image= then my new icons wont work and they will use the icon of the image im using e.g. Image=SPY then the infantry will use the default spy icon

well then, extract the SHPs for the infantry you want to use, and rename them as your new units. Them stick them in an expand99.mix file, or whatever it's called.

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