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camo tool for voxelsWeeRaby2k10:25 23-05-2002
Re: camo tool for voxelsViPr11:21 23-05-2002
Re: camo tool for voxelsOlaf van der Spek17:13 23-05-2002
Re: camo tool for voxelsViPr02:49 24-05-2002

> > > i was told that some 1 (vipr) has a made some kind of tool so when u sue 3ds2vxl it applies a camo effect or some tool like this does any 1 know where i can get this tool?

> > oh it is far from ready. it is just something i have proposed. i've only messed around with the code a little bit. it will probably only be in the windows version of 3ds2vxl and that is taking a while to do. the camouflage effect will be achieved by procedurals which will be in dll files so that people who are programmers can write their own code to do any effect they want hopefully. i'm not sure about all the technical aspects coz i'm still very new to the programming language.

> > i'm thinking that for instance instead of a material like the hull of a tank or airplane having a diffuse texture-map called desert_camouflage.jpg it will just say desert_camouflage and that will indicate to my program that it is a function in a dll. is that how i should do it guys? i don't know what is possible with the language. i'm totally new to windows programming.

> The language is C++. C++ is independent of Windows programming. Yes, it's possible. But not many users will be able to create DLLs.

yeah i realized that so i've made it so people can edit lots of the variables for the procedural that i've made which i think is complicated enough that people will not get bored with it. i made it so there are about 30 variables. i'll be making an ini file that people can edit where people will type values for those 30 variables. i'll also make it so people can just enter a seed for the randomize function and my program will randomize most of those variables so people won't have to type many numbers themselves. so i think i can include this in the DOS version after all. i was mainly reluctant because you need to fiddle with the variables alot before you get something that looks decent and in the DOS version people cannot use the viewer so they cannot see the 3d model rendering to judge whether things came out the way they wanted; they'll have to look at the voxel and then it is very hard to tell what's going on.

anyway. what would people need to create dll files? and WeeRaby2k do you have such tools?

Re: camo tool for voxelsOlaf van der Spek04:42 24-05-20022
    Re: camo tool for voxelsViPr07:02 24-05-2002

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