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lost serial codekyle06:06 29-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeVlad0607:47 29-05-2002
Re: lost serial codekyle06:38 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeAlon06:43 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeBanshee12:50 30-05-2002

> > > search for a new serial on the net

> > do you have any suggestions as to where i could find a serial code????

> Arch... this sux, there's not much to do mate, U can proly hack it but then it prolly won't have multiplayer with it, sorry..

Get your Red Alert 2 serial number (in case you have it) and use it.. It worked here, but I don`t know if it will work for you. If it doesn`t work, try the Yuri one or the Renegade one. If it still doesn`t work, try the Emperor one or any other Westwood game one and keep trying... I hope it works...

Re: lost serial codeSeaMan19:42 30-05-20025
    Re: lost serial codeVlad0610:01 01-06-2002
        Re: lost serial codeSeaMan19:53 01-06-2002
            Re: lost serial codeGodwin20:33 01-06-2002
                Re: lost serial codeBanshee12:04 03-06-2002

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