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lost serial codekyle06:06 29-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeVlad0607:47 29-05-2002
Re: lost serial codekyle06:38 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeAlon06:43 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeBanshee12:50 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeSeaMan19:42 30-05-2002
Re: lost serial codeVlad0610:01 01-06-2002
Re: lost serial codeSeaMan19:53 01-06-2002
Re: lost serial codeGodwin20:33 01-06-2002
Re: lost serial codeBanshee12:04 03-06-2002

> > Then youŽll get the the infamous "Base blows up after 5 mins) bug and you canŽt go online.

> was that in TS?
> i didnt hear about it as often as from RA2

The blow thing only happens in RA2. But if you lost your serial code from TS, you shouldn`t care with it anymore. Use the one from these hacking stuff, so you will be able to install it. WOL from TS doesn`t work anymore, because some hackers took the control of it and they are banning everyone`s serial number there and Westwood doesn`t even care... TS`s community will be reduced to ashes, unless someone take out these idiots from WOL...

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