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TS Rebirth?PseudoKroW06:49 05-07-2002

It sucks that noone plays TS anymore. I actually see more ppl on WOL playing TD than TS. I think we really need a great new mod to get things going. I have an idea I plan to use, but it could be better if i had a few things:

1. Graphic Artists - I suck at making voxels

2. How to make an airborne vehicle act like a plane rather than a helicopter- you know, non-vtol

3. How to make a third (or fourth, or fifth, or sixth) side playable in multiplayer

Re: TS Rebirth?Vlad0615:47 05-07-20024
    Re: TS Rebirth?Cyborg Commando00:16 06-07-2002
        Re: TS Rebirth?Solidxtreme04:03 09-07-2002
            Re: TS Rebirth?Vlad0600:50 10-07-2002

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