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TS Rebirth?PseudoKroW06:49 05-07-2002
Re: TS Rebirth?Vlad0615:47 05-07-2002
Re: TS Rebirth?Cyborg Commando00:16 06-07-2002
Re: TS Rebirth?Solidxtreme04:03 09-07-2002

> I think its odd that more people play non-FS than FS....

TS is the best game to mod westwood has released. Many new possibilities, I would know, ive tried. However, thats only modding that keeps the game alive. I guess ppl are tired of being blown up by 2 dozen orca or banshee bombers and not being able to shoot them down as a result of the sam site missle being slower than the jets themselves. (Including the low damage). go figure:)

Re: TS Rebirth?Vlad0600:50 10-07-2002

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