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Making the HIND workSolidxtreme00:50 09-07-2002

Ive been modding ra2 and yuri's revenge for quite some time now, and ive always wanted to make the HIND buildable and work. The closest ive gone though is it comes outta the factory, but just sits there, stuck in the air, wont move wont do anything. Can someone help me make this thing WORK just like a regular heli??
(Ive tried using the image of the hind as well, on the nighthawk for example, same result.)

Re: Making the HIND workBlade06:44 09-07-20023
    Re: Making the HIND workSolidxtreme10:30 09-07-2002
        Re: Making the HIND workDex04:08 13-07-2002

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