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Cheating?Shaisty09:09 12-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek00:02 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty03:54 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek04:59 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty05:13 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek07:53 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty11:59 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek20:28 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty09:55 14-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Alon17:33 14-07-2002

> > > > If you attack after 10 mins with tanks they still call it a rush.

> > > Ok :confused: then what do you call attacking your opponet 3 mins into the game?

> > Just an attack.

> Okay then I see where this is going and your view on this topic basically YOU are one of those many ppl who have high ranks due to killing off your opponet 3 mins after the game starts and laughs and busts a nut, by avoiding a straight real strategy game...

It's NOT avoiding real strategy man.
If he playes by the rules Westwood has set themselves and does't use applications that might altar the game to his site he is Okay. I think You Should try trusting WW more...

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